Five Best Blogs: July, 2016


This month what’s caught our eye includes: a brief from consultancy McKinsey on where machines can replace humans (with accompanying visualization) — not to give it away, but about 60 percent of occupations could see just under one-third of their activities automated. And perhaps related is a thoughtful essay by Tyler Cowen on the political anger of generally prosperous Americans, which has at its genesis insufficient savings for many people on the cusp of retirement (which should be of concern regardless of the political angle).

From an investment perspective, we hear from one of the original venture investors in Dollar Shave Club on the evolution of DSC from a quirky video to a billion-dollar acquisition as well as a piece on the threat posed by companies like DSC who revamp logistics and narrow their focus; lastly a VC 3-for-1: an entrepreneurs insightful outsider’s piece on why we need an alternative to venture capital, a WSJ article on VC’s discontents; and Redpoint’s Tomasz Tunguz insider’s piece on the decentralization of venture capital. Happy reading!