Internet Executive Insomnia


Called “Queen of the Net” back when Queen was still performing, Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker has both ridden the internet wave and been crashed on the shoals. But she has a lot to say, and she usually says it quickly and well. Here is a video of her presentation (and the slides) at the Web 2.0 summit, where she concisely details trends that any business on the internet should be following, and what is most likely to keep internet executives up at night (at least those not playing angry birds).

Now many of these are no surprise, but some of the data is still striking: the remarkable growth of the apple iTrifecta (Phone, Touch and Pad); the expansion of mobile operating systems; the misalignment between media consumption and advertising; and the innovation rates of the largest consumer-focused companies. In fact, the only soporific is the mandatory 5-slide, 8-point-type disclosure section at the end.

Quickly following the summit was the news that Meeker was finally ready to nibble her own kibble, joining Kleiner Perkins, which was interpreted both as the dying breath of Wall Street research and an odd attempt for KP to recover some of its former internet glory. No report if the rest of Sand Hill Road has upped their Ambien dosage.