Once Cool Thing: MobileDay


We’ve all been there.  The conference call is starting, but the dial-in information is in an email. Or several emails. Or back on your desk. Or your phone dropped the call after you  entered all the data. Or none of that matters because you are driving and can’t press more than one button anyway.

And then someone thought up MobileDay. The company’s app (iOSAndroid) syncs with your phone’s calendar and auto-detects all conference call details within your meeting invites. So there is one button that connects you (or reconnects you) to your call. One. You can also, with one button, send an email to all participants if you are running late. There is also an upgrade feature for heavy SalesForce users, but the standard version is valuable enough.  Conference call information moves seamlessly from your calendar invites to your phone. So the next time you want to miss a conference call, you’ll have to think up a better excuse.

Alexander Ooms