One Cool Thing: Brewster


As social media and communications technologies proliferate, everyone seems to have more friends, but in different places. High-school friends, professional friends, virtual friends, and friends both with and without benefits.  And their information might be in several places — email on one social network, phone number in another, employer in a third.

Luckily, there is Brewster.  Both a desktop and mobile (iOSAndroid) app, Brewster is an address book that tries to make sense of your relationships. It looks across your social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin, foursquare, etc) and syncs information. Useful enough — but Brewster goes on to provide context.  Want to see everyone you know in Chicago?  Everyone who works in financial services?  All your friends who list twerking as an interest?  People with whom you have multiple connections? Brewster organizes your contacts for you while allowing you to also order them yourself.

Brewster also tracks with whom you are losing touch and who has recently updated their information, as well as links to your contacts on specific social networks. So if you want to make sure you can find both your colleague Doug and your friend who does the dougie — but you never want them all to meet, it’s a good place to start.

One Cool ThingAlexander Ooms