One Cool Thing: Revolv


Device by device, homes are getting smarter.  You can now unlock your doors with Kwikset, turn on the lights and get the CrockPot started with WeMo, and adjust your thermostat with Nest.  Unfortunately though, these devices aren’t so smart that they can talk to one another.  Each one requires its own app and must be adjusted individually.  Not so hard if you’re just using one or two of these devices, but it starts to get complicated the more you add to the mix and eventually the extra work outweighs the convenience of a connected home.

That’s where Revolv comes in. Through a single hub and an easy-to-use smartphone app, Revolv enables you to control all of these devices – a central nervous system for your digital home.  The app is geolocation enabled (meaning that you can set it to do multiple things automatically when you’re nearby).  No more fumbling for the key in the dark and stumbling into a cold house – the doors will unlock, the lights will turn on, and the house will be warm — not at a pre-set time, but when you actually arrive.  Now if it would just automate walking the dog and doing the laundry.