Reading List: Tim Geithner and the Financial Crises


At a reader’s suggestion, I am going to try to highlight longer articles or books that I think are worth some extended attention (tough in a Twitter world, but worth a shot).  Recently there were two compelling articles on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, one in The New Yorker, the other in The Atlantic.

For, whatever one’s politics, the financial meltdown and its subsequent rebound are fascinating financial and personality topics. Geithner worked across both Republican and Democratic administrations, and the plan he has championed both at the NY Fed and as Treasury Secretary has worked far better, while costing considerably less, than both critics on the right and left believed it could.  Yet it (and he) remain highly unpopular, and the reverberations still threaten to undermine current economic policy and will be a considerable factor in the upcoming midterm elections. Both articles are fairly long, and well worth the time.