SugarWOD Acquired by Daxko


We're pleased to announce that SugarWOD has been acquired by Daxko, the parent of Zen Planner and a portfolio company of private equity firm GI Partners. SugarWOD, based in Boulder, CO, is the leading community platform for high intensity interval training (including CrossFit), and serves roughly 620,000 athletes in over 2,500 gyms across the globe. ClearCreek acted as the exclusive financial advisor to SugarWOD.

Like many successful companies, the origin of the SugarWOD story is personal. Founder Drew Larsen previously built and sold a software company, and the combination of long hours and poor diet had left him physically spent. After his first visit to a CrossFit studio, soon both Drew and his wife were hooked. Fast forward several years, and both believed their physical community of athletes, coaches, and gym owners would benefit from a technology platform and mobile app. SugarWOD was born. Like many entrepreneurs, they never imagined their passion would resonate so quickly and scale so rapidly. Soon SugarWOD was racking up virtual fistbumps and connecting a dedicated community of athletes all over the world.

We've worked with many entrepreneurs, and can say without hesitation that Drew is unique: not many founders combine coding skills with an exceptional eye for UX and dogged devotion to the customer experience. Under his leadership, a small team built a company that, perhaps fittingly, developed muscle and presence far beyond its years. ClearCreek has been fortunate to provide both formal and informal counsel to SugarWOD for almost two years. We’re prouder to consider them friends.

Alexander Ooms